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Name: Old Volcano Bunker.
Music: Nope.
Woods: Dead Lava Wood.
Secret Woods: No.
Light: Yes.
 Old Volcano Bunker - Secret Location in Old Volcano. Have a harderest parkour (Easy for haxers.). 

History. Edit

A strong volcano 100 years ago activated. Sheriffs need a bunker for save a life. Sheriff Pmaino give command to build a cool bunker in volcano. After build finished, All escaped to bunker..

After, lava destroy all Wild West, and after.... New earth, magic trees, and more... Volcano give a new life for Wild West and all Sheriffes.

After, Sheriff Pmaino leave a bunker, and he lose Lava Revolver in this bunker. Can you find this Revolver?.

Characteristic. Edit

Old Volcano Bunker have a rare Trees, No, not legendary, no.

Dead Lava Wood In the bunker have a strong money, You ready??? 500 GreenLites. After get this woods, you give a trophy to you inventory (Trophy have a sword Characteristic.).

Okay, let's find out.

Old Volcano Bunker have a orange light (MY FAVORITE COLOR AHAHAHAH LOL IT'S CCOOL!LL!!!!), he light give a Air to humans.

Old Volcano Bunker have a harder parkour. It's easy for humans who know road. (Look gallery.).